Poetry Magick | A Mind Witch Academy Lesson

Calling all word witches--it's time to connect with the divine, cast spells, and transform your spirit through the power of poetry!

The Poetry Magick lesson includes:

~ "What is Poetry Magick?" video lecture
~ "Alchemical, Deity, and Spell Poem" video spell tutorial
~ "Poetry Magick: Three Approaches" pdf workbook

In this lesson, you will:

~ use poetry as a vehicle for connecting with guides and deity
~ catalyze psycho-spiritual shifts through poetry craft
~ use the poetic form to charge an intention
~write an ode to a deity you wish to invite into your magickal + spiritual experience
~ craft a candle spell that supports your poetic creativity
~ petition deity and ask for guidance through the poetic form

By the time you finish this lesson, you will have written at least three magickal poems and will have gained the knowledge and experience you need to craft many more!

Begin Crafting Poetry Magick Today!


Poetry Magick | A Mind Witch Academy Lesson