Money Magick | A Mind Witch Coven Collection

In September of 2020, I created a mini e-course for the Mind Witch Coven called "Money Magick." I did so because many coven members had lost their employment in the wake of the pandemic, and I wanted to offer guidance, advice, and my best money magick spells to support them as they figured our the next step.

This offering was so enjoyed and appreciated that I knew I needed to share it in the Mind Witch Academy. If you're looking for a potent dose of inspiration and witchcraft to help you take charge of you're money narrative, this lesson is it!

The Money Magick lesson includes:

VIDEO | Money Ramble: My Cash Struggles and Best Kept Secrets
VIDEO | Banishing Moloch Spell
VIDEO | Wishing Well Spell
VIDEO | "One More Time for the People in the Back..."
BONUS VIDEO | Intuitive Sigil Casting Tutorial
WORKBOOK | Money Magick: Three Spells for Abundance

In this lesson, you will:

~ Learn one of my most powerful acts of manifestation to date and how the wrong money mindset nearly sabotaged it
~ Learn why your relationship with money is just as important as your income
~ Learn a simple way to shift how you think about spending so your money can serve you better
~ Take control of your money demons in a powerful act of magickal reclamation
~ Wish for what your heart most longs for (and believe that it can come to you)
~ Make money magick that supports your abundance now and in the future

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Money Magick

A Mind Witch Coven Collection