The Magick of Receiving | A Mind Witch Academy Lesson

This lesson prepares you to welcome the shifts and changes that align you with your Genius--the divine spark within you that always serves your highest good.

The Magick of Receiving lesson includes:

~ "The Magick of Receiving" video lecture
~ "Self-Worth, Egg-Smashing, and Release" Spell demonstration/tutorial
~ "The Magickal Art of Receiving" pdf workbook

In this lesson, you will:

~ learn the importance of preparing yourself to receive what your magick asks for
~ learn what you must risk to create really powerful magick
~ strengthen your sense of self-worth through mantra and ritual practices
~ transfer energies to physical objects as a means of magickal release
~ learn three magickal practices you may consistently use to tune your cosmic resonance so that what your Genius longs for may find you

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The Magick Art of Receiving

A Mind Witch Academy Lesson