Are you ready to build a magickal + spiritual practice that's effective, inspiring, and expansive? If so, you're in the right place.

At the Mind Witch Academy, we believe that a spirited exploration of magickal consciousness is the key to cosmic love, creativity, empowerment, and joy. Come learn and grow with us!


"I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing these classes! You are truly making a difference in the world. Might seem small, but you've helped me gain the strength to become a better mother and person. I truly believe in myself again. Thank you!!"

~ Krista Martinez, Mind Witch Academy Student


New to Witchcraft? Take a Mind Witch Academy Beginner's Course!

Get Delightfully Witchy with Four of our Favorite Magickal Offerings!

This collection includes:

The Spell Bound E-Course

The Money Magick Coven Collection

Poetry Magick Lesson

Magick of Receiving Lesson

This is the perfect magickal primer for the new practitioner or the seasoned spellcaster who wants to reinvigorate their practice.


~ How to generate intentions that reflect what you truly want

~ A highly effective spell-mapping technique you can apply to every working

~ Powerful methods for charging and activating spells

~ How to choose the most potent magickal materials

~ How to do spell work unconsciously and organically

~ How to get the best results every time!


“This entire course was a huge a-ha moment for me. In the most loving and charming way, Jessi gives you the foundation: the philosophy of how and why magick works, the basic elements of the craft, how to choose intentions that reflect your True Will, and the importance of choosing materials and methods that resonate with you. I realized that I had been ignoring my intuition because I thought I was supposed to be using the right color candle and chanting the right words. This course empowered me to say, the hell with that, THIS is what works for me. It opened my eyes to the fact that EVERYTHING we do can be an act of magick. For the first time in a long time I feel excited and inspired in my craft. Thank you, Jessi!"

~ Anne, Spell Bound Student



~ Engage in mystical practices to access subconscious knowledge.

~ Alchemize subconscious knowledge into powerful psycho-spiritual shifts.

~ Heal the wounds that are keeping you from doing the cosmic dance in the way that feels best.

~ Discover how you can support your spiritual evolution by consistently engaging with this cycle.

~ Travel with me! I’ll be sharing my tarot readings, astral journeys, journal responses, and rituals to show you what it looks like to move through this process in real time.


"Your course has been amazing! It's helped me reflect on this past year and look forward. It resonates so strongly with me and provides a truly useful, practical way to structure the cycle. Your willingness to share your experience and process provides a depth to the material that's both awesome and unique."


~Jen Pearson, Lunar Alchemy Student


Looking to deepen and expand your craft? Take a Mind Witch Specialization Course!


~ You want to reconnect with your "raison d'etre" and return to your soul's purpose

~ You'd like to explore your connection with the personal and cosmic divine

~ You feel overwhelmed by the cultural media climate and you want to relearn how to trust your innermost knowing

~ You want to find your place in the complex system of the universe

~ You're ready and willing to do what's best for others through doing what's best for yourself

~ You're ready to trust in the value of your unique vision


~ How make space for your family in your personal spiritual + magickal practice

~ How to speak through deity to build openness and trust between you and you kid(s)

~ How to build collective family intentions naturally + organically

~ How to share and teach important spiritual values without dogma or indoctrination

~ How to follow your kid's lead when it comes to magick + spellcasting so it reflects who they are

~ How to lend spiritual context to interests and activities that your child is already engaged in

~ How to integrate magick into everyday life and make the most of the time you share with your family!

Looking to Focus Your Craft? Take a Mind Witch Lesson!

In this lesson, you will:

~ use poetry as a vehicle for connecting with guides and deity

~ catalyze psycho-spiritual shifts through poetry craft

~ use the poetic form to charge an intention

~write an ode to a deity you wish to invite into your magickal + spiritual experience

~ craft a candle spell that supports your poetic creativity

~ petition deity and ask for guidance through the poetic form

In this lesson, you will:

~ learn the importance of preparing yourself to receive what your magick asks for

~ learn what you must risk to create really powerful magick

~ strengthen your sense of self-worth through mantra and ritual practices

~ transfer energies to physical objects as a means of magickal release

~ learn three magickal practices you may consistently use to tune your cosmic resonance so that what your Genius longs for may find you

In this lesson, you will:

~ Learn one of my most powerful acts of manifestation to date and how the wrong money mindset nearly sabotaged it

~ Learn why your relationship with money is just as important as your income

~ Learn a simple way to shift how you think about spending so your money can serve you better

~ Take control of your money demons in a powerful act of magickal reclamation

~ Wish for what your heart most longs for (and believe that it can come to you)

~ Make money magick that supports your abundance now and in the future

Hello, Beauty!

I'm Jessi, the Mind Witch Mama. I craft magickal + spiritual offerings that help you access your inner wisdom, channel you innate creativity, explore the realm of conscious, and live in a way that feels right and good and true to you.

When you work with these offerings, you'll be encouraged to craft magick, practice ritual, journal, feel into your deep inner knowing, travel the astral, meditate, make art, chat with deity, and grow in compassion and kindness.

At Mind Witch Mama, we believe that a magickal exploration of consciousness is the key to cosmic love, abundant creativity, personal empowerment, and spiritual union. Come learn and grow with us!