Elemental Sigil Craft | A Mind Witch Academy Lesson

Set intentions and cast sigil spells through the magick of the five elements! If you're ready to balance and integrate your spellcrafting approach, this lesson is for you!

The Elemental Sigil Craft lesson includes:

~ "Intuitive Sigil Craft" video tutorial
~ "Traditional Sigil Craft" video tutorial
~ "Elemental Reflection" audio journey
~ "Elemental Sigil Casting" pdf workbook

In this lesson, you will:

~ learn both the traditional and intuitive approaches to crafting sigils through guided video lessons/tutorials
~ complete a guided visualization exercise that leads you through integrated intention-setting with the five elements
~ craft air, earth, fire, water, and spirit sigils in a mindful, holistic way
~ reflect with a series of journal prompts designed to help you consider the depth and breadth of each sigil in relation to its corresponding element

By the time you finish this lesson, you will have create at least five sigils and will have gained the knowledge and experience you need to craft many more!


"I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing these classes! You are truly making a difference in the world. Might seem small, but you've helped me gain the strength to become a better person. I truly believe in myself again. Thank you!!"

Krista Martinez, Mind Witch Academy Student


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