Welcome to the Mind Witch Academy, Beauty!

If you're ready to build a magickal + spiritual practice that's effective, inspiring, and expansive, you're in the right place.


"I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing these classes! You are truly making a difference in the world. Might seem small, but you've helped me gain the strength to become a better mother and person. I truly believe in myself again. Thank you!!"

~ Krista Martinez, Mind Witch Academy Student


To get a sense of whether or not the lessons and courses in the Mind Witch Academy are for you, enroll in the FREE Key to Magickal Fulfillment Masterclass!

Get ready for 30 minutes of hard-hitting spellcrafting goodness that gives you the insight you need to completely revolutionize your approach to magick.

I don't always claim that something is true with a capital "T," but I'm pretty sure that I've discovered the difference between those whose spellwork cultivates love and wellbeing and those whose spellwork does not.

Start making magick that makes your feel good--today.

Are you looking for a compendium of magickal theory, technique, and practice? If so, the Mind Witch Magick Collection is for you!

This collection includes:

The Spell Bound E-Course

The Money Magick Collection

Poetry Magick Lesson

Elemental Sigil Craft

Magick of Receiving Lesson

This is the perfect foundation for both new and seasoned practitioner to hone and refine their magickal skills!


~ How to generate intentions that reflect what you truly want

~ A highly effective spell-mapping technique you can apply to every working

~ Powerful methods for charging and activating spells

~ How to choose the most potent magickal materials

~ How to do spell work unconsciously and organically

~ How to get the best results every time!


“This entire course was a huge a-ha moment for me. In the most loving and charming way, Jessi gives you the foundation: the philosophy of how and why magick works, the basic elements of the craft, how to choose intentions that reflect your True Will, and the importance of choosing materials and methods that resonate with you. I realized that I had been ignoring my intuition because I thought I was supposed to be using the right color candle and chanting the right words. This course empowered me to say, the hell with that, THIS is what works for me. It opened my eyes to the fact that EVERYTHING we do can be an act of magick. For the first time in a long time I feel excited and inspired in my craft. Thank you, Jessi!"

~ Anne, Spell Bound Student



~ Engage in mystical practices to access subconscious knowledge.

~ Alchemize subconscious knowledge into powerful psycho-spiritual shifts.

~ Heal the wounds that are keeping you from doing the cosmic dance in the way that feels best.

~ Discover how you can support your spiritual evolution by consistently engaging with this cycle.

~ Travel with me! I’ll be sharing my tarot readings, astral journeys, journal responses, and rituals to show you what it looks like to move through this process in real time.


"Your course has been amazing! It's helped me reflect on this past year and look forward. It resonates so strongly with me and provides a truly useful, practical way to structure the cycle. Your willingness to share your experience and process provides a depth to the material that's both awesome and unique."


~Jen Pearson, Lunar Alchemy Student



~ You want to reconnect with your "raison d'etre" and return to your soul's purpose

~ You'd like to explore your connection with the personal and cosmic divine

~ You feel overwhelmed by the cultural media climate and you want to relearn how to trust your innermost knowing

~ You want to find your place in the complex system of the universe

~ You're ready and willing to do what's best for others through doing what's best for yourself

~ You're ready to trust in the value of your unique vision